Letter from John E. Page, 1 September 1841

— it is true I have not had the oppertunity of acquireing  that degree of literary science as he has done—  yet I feel that my feeling are as fine and as delicate  as his— I am a man that allways was willing to pull  in an even yoke with my fellowmen but I am not  willing to submit to an assuming disposition neither  willingly suffer myself to be treated with neglect or to  become any persons lacky or foot Page without proper  resentment— I would not have you understand by this that  I wish to be excused from my mishion no by no  means— I have always delighted in the Idea of speaking  comfortably to Jerusalem and my heart and soul  is as much engaged in the cause as ever and my  faith is I shall yet see Jerusalem and preach the  gospel where Christ and his apostles Preached it—  But I do think that any man that would treat me  with that neglect that Elder Hyde has me he would  betray me in a more criticle hour if by so doing he  could save his own life (read the story of the two bears)
The fact of the twelve in returning from Europe  haveing not means to return home without raising  means in America tells me there is a poor chance  for me to rais means in Europe to go to Jerusalem  see<ing> also that Elder Hyde has done there as he has here  gone ahead and raised all for us both and gon with  the same— I think that I shall see Jerusalem sooner  by staying in America this winter in order to rais  means as I think I can rais three dollars in Amer ica where I can one dollar in Europe— I have what  would take me in Europe and get me some clothes when  I get there and then I mus[t] stop till I can rais means  to procede to Jerusalem as Elder Hyde has all in my  name and his own also— I must close by saying that  I hope to ever sustain you confidence and an intrest in  you Prayers of faith—
yours in the bonds of the  New Cov.
Joseph Smith Jr and  And his council— Write me at N Y— No— 13. Oliver Street care of L. R. Foster
[written up left side at top of page] <Give my love to the Twelve and all the Saints—> [p. 8]
John E. Page, Letter, Philadelphia, PA, to JS, Nauvoo, IL, 1 Sept. 1841; handwriting of John E. Page; eight pages; JS Collection, CHL.