Letter from John E. Page, 1 September 1841

Phil Sept 1  1841
To the President and council of the Church of Jesus Christ  of Latter day Saints <— At Nauvoo>
Dear Bretheren in the Lord
I am hapy to say that I am well I believe my health  is absilutely perfect— I hope in the Lord this may reach  your hands finding you well— I have just heard of the  suden death of Bro— D. C. [Don Carlos] Smith which at the first gave  me a senseation of astonishment that I never senseed be fore on hearing the news of the death of my bretheren
At first my heart said why was it <so> Lord for a moment I  must say I was not reconciled; but soon the scene was  changed— the spirit like a gentle mesenger rested upon  me and whispered the consolating tidings to my anxious  heart saying all is wright and all was well with our  much beloved and high esteemed Bro D. C. Smith— he  has only gon[e] on a short errand to act in a more gloryfyed  sphere in the great concerns of the Kingdom of God in make ing the nesisary arrangements with the saints in light  preparitory to the revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ who  will come with the voice of the archangel and the sou nd of Gabrils <trump> bringing all the saints with him—
I feel that the death of Bro Carlos must be a very  severe blow upon his Mother in her declineing years  and also to Sister [Agnes Coolbrith] Smith the companion of the decd.  as well as to <the> rest of the surviveing relitives and also  to the church as a body— Pl[e]ase tell mother Smith for  be <me> <be> comforted be reconciled rejoice in the Lord that it  has been the providence of our heavenly father <to> bless her  with haveing the honor and glory of raising so worthy an  heir of the highest mansion of our heavenly Fathers house—  say to the mourning and much afflicted widow of the decd.  Be comforted and dry up <your> tears and say the Lord gave and  the Lord has taken away and blessed be the name of the  Lord— Shall not the God of all the Earth do right— yes sister  the Lord has placed Bro Smith in a higher state of  action and soon the veil will rend and then we shall see [p. 1]
John E. Page, Letter, Philadelphia, PA, to JS, Nauvoo, IL, 1 Sept. 1841; handwriting of John E. Page; eight pages; JS Collection, CHL.