Letter from John Vance, 1 November 1841

Nauvoo Ill. Nov 1st 1841
Brother Smith you will recollect I addressed you a line  last Summer by Wm [Smith] in relation to the propriety of excha nging my farm for one in Hancock County, as an opportu nity then offered, Wm informed me, you thought it most  expedient for me to stay where I was, now you could not  infer from that letter that I solicited permition to stay, neither  do I wish to be understood so at presant, for I do Know that I  <feel> perfectly resigned & subject to the council & instruction of the  Presiden[c]y, but thinking it highly probable that my case might  be an exception to a general rule, or to the instructions previous ly published in the times & Seasons, I therefore laid my case before  you requesting the mind & will of the Lord concerning me, determ ined at the same time to make any sacrafise that he might require  so I feel yet, and as Wm informed me you was some what thronged  at that time, and might not have duely considered or reflected on the  subject I again lay it before you
Now in regard to the Subject presented this morning  it is this, I have 280 Acres of land 9 Miles West of McComb  10 Miles East of Ramus in McDonough Co in 4 miles of the  County line of Hancock, which I consider worth 7$ per acre  but owing to the presure of time I cante sell it, which I wish to  appropriate (with the excpetion of, say 200$,) in that way which  will be most expedient for the promotion of the work of the Lord  I have proposed in my own mind a part to the Temple a part  to the Nauvoo House & the balance to the printing of the Scriptures  If otherwise however would be more advisable I am subject  to council. Now you will please devise a plan  ways & means by which this property can be brought  to bear on the subject & oblige one who esteems you as  a friend & brother in the new & everlasting Covenant
John Vance
To Joseph Smith [p. [1]]
John Vance, Letter, Nauvoo, IL, to JS, Nauvoo, IL, 1 Nov. 1841; handwriting of John Vance; one page; Helen B. Fleming Collection, CHL.