Letter from Orson Hyde and Hyrum Smith, 14 January 1833

Kirtland Mills Geauga Co Ohio Jany. 14—1833
From a conference of 12 High Priests   to the Bishop his councel and  the inhabitants of Zion, Orson Hyde and Hyram [Hyrum] Smith being appointed  by the said conference to write this Epistle in obedience to the commandment  given the 22 & 23 of Sept last which says “But verily I say unto you all those to  whom the kingdom has been given from you it must be preached unto  all them that they shall repent of their former evil works for they are to  be upbraided for their evil hearts of unbelief and your brethren in Zion  for their rebellion against you at the time I sent you.” Bro Joseph & certain  <others> have writen to you upon this all important subject, but you have <never> been  apprised of these things by the united voice of a conference of those high priests  that were present at the time this commandment was given, we therefore  Orson & Hyram the committe appointed by said conference to write this Epistle  having received the prayers of sd conference that we might be enabled to write the  mind & will of God upon this subject, now take up our pen to address you in the  name of the conference, relying upon the arm of the Great Head of the Church,  in the commandment above alluded to the Children of Zion were all, yea even  evry one under condemnation, and were to remain in that state until they  repented and remembred the new covenant even the Book of Mormon and the  former commandments which the Lord had given them, not only to say but to  do them and bring forth fruit meet for ther Fathers Kingdom otherwise. [p. 20]
Orson Hyde and Hyrum Smith, letter, Kirtland Mills, OH, to “the Bishop his councel and the inhabitents of Zion,” [Independence, MO], 14 Jan. 1833; handwriting of Frederick G. Williams; in JS Letterbook 1, pp. 20–25; JS Collection, CHL.