Letter from Orson Hyde and Hyrum Smith, 14 January 1833

15th and carefully read, and it betrays a lightness of spirit that  ill becomes a man plased in the important and responsable station  that he is placed in;— If you have fat beef and potatoes eat them  in singleness of heart. and boast not yourselves in these things  think not Brethren that we make a man an offender for a word  this is not the case, but we want to see a spirit in Zion by which  the Lord will build it up, that is the plain solem and pure  spirit of Christ; Bro Phelps requested in his last letter that  Bro Joseph should come to Zion, but we say that Br J. will  not settle in Zion until she repent and purify herself &  abide by the new covenant, and remember the command ments which have been given her, to do them as well as say them  You may think it strange that we manifest no cheerfulness  of heart upon the reception of your letters, you may think that  our minds are pregudiced so much that we can see no good  that comes from you, but rest assured brethren that this is  not the case, We have the best of feelings, and feelings of the  greatest anxiety for the welfare of Zion we feel more like wee ping over Zion than we do like rejoicing over her, for we  know the judgments of God that hang over her and will fall  upon her except she repent and purify herself before the Lord  and put away from her evry foul spirit— we now say to  Zion this once in the name of the Lord, Repent! Repent!  Awake! Awake! put on thy beautiful garments before  you are made to feel the chastning rod of him whose  anger is kind[l]ed against you, let not satan tempt you  to think we want to make you bow to us to domaneur  over you for God knows this is not the case our eyes are  watered with tears and our hearts are poured out to  God in prayer for you that he will spare you and turn  away his anger from you, There is are many things in the last letters  from Brs G and P. that are good and we esteem them much, The  Idea of having certain ones appointed to regulate Zion and travling  Elders have nothing to do with this part of the matter is something  that we highly approbate, and you will doubtless know  before this reaches you why Wm McLelin [William E. McLellin] opposed you [p. 22]
Sidney Rigdon called for a January 1833 conference of Ohio high priests as part of an effort to resolve the disruptive quarrels and petty wrangling that had marred the relationship between church leaders in Missouri and Ohio for eighteen months. A revelation dictated in late September 1832 containing a brief, pointed chastisement of the Missouri members, and recent contentious letters from William W. Phelps and Sidney Gilbert in Missouri had brought the matter to a head.
The conference sanctioned JS’s letter of 11 January 1833 to William W. Phelps while commissioning Orson Hyde and Hyrum Smith to draft an epistle—this letter—in answer to the letters received from Phelps and Gilbert. This collective response helped put to rest the Missouri leaders’ charge that JS sought for monarchal power.
Hyde and Hyrum Smith wrote this letter from Kirtland, Ohio, to the Missouri bishop, his council, and the inhabitants of Zion, Jackson County, Missouri. Frederick G. Williams transcribed this letter into Letter Book 1.