Letter from Orson Hyde and Hyrum Smith, 14 January 1833

N. B. we stated that Bro Gilbert knew that William was in Cleaveland  last fall, when he was in Kirtland, we wrote this upon the  strength of hearsay, but Wm being left at St Louis strengthened  our suppositions that such was the fact, we stated farther resp ecting this matter or this itim than the testamony will warrant  us— with this exception the Conference sanctions this letter [p. 25]
Sidney Rigdon called for a January 1833 conference of Ohio high priests as part of an effort to resolve the disruptive quarrels and petty wrangling that had marred the relationship between church leaders in Missouri and Ohio for eighteen months. A revelation dictated in late September 1832 containing a brief, pointed chastisement of the Missouri members, and recent contentious letters from William W. Phelps and Sidney Gilbert in Missouri had brought the matter to a head.
The conference sanctioned JS’s letter of 11 January 1833 to William W. Phelps while commissioning Orson Hyde and Hyrum Smith to draft an epistle—this letter—in answer to the letters received from Phelps and Gilbert. This collective response helped put to rest the Missouri leaders’ charge that JS sought for monarchal power.
Hyde and Hyrum Smith wrote this letter from Kirtland, Ohio, to the Missouri bishop, his council, and the inhabitants of Zion, Jackson County, Missouri. Frederick G. Williams transcribed this letter into Letter Book 1.