Letter from Orson Hyde and John E. Page, 1 May 1840

Columbus May lst. 1840.
Sir, The mission upon which we are  sent, swells greater & greater.
As there is a great work to be done in Germany, as  manifested to us by the spirit; the following plan of  opperation has been suggested to us; Viz to write a set  of Lectures upon the faith and doctrine of <our> church,  giving a brief history of the coming forth of the Book  of Mormon, and an account of its contents, in as clear  and plain style as possible; together with the out lines  and organization and government of the church of  Latter Day Saints, drawn from the “doctrine and Covenants”  with all the wisdom and care possible; and get the same  translated into German, and publish it when we arrive in  Germany, and scatter <it> through the German Empire, Is  this correct? Should we consider it necessary to tran slate the entire Book of Mormon into the German, and  Doctrine and Covenants too; are we or are we not at  liberty to do so. Should we deem it necessary to pub lish an edition of Hymn Books in any Country; are  we at liberty to do it? The fact is we need such works;  and we cannot get them from the church here; and if  we could we could not well carry them with us, at  least [in] any quantity. We feel that we are acting under  the direction of the Presidency, of the church; and  the reason, that we make these inquiries, is, that we do  not wish to step beyond our limits or bring ourselves  into a snare and dishonor by taking liberties that  are not ours.
We feel that all our exertions and interests  shall become subservient to build up the Kingdom [p. 144]
Orson Hyde and John E. Page, letter, Columbus, OH, to JS, Nauvoo, IL; handwriting of Howard Coray; in JS Letterbook 2, pp. 144–145; JS Collection, CHL.