Letter from Parley P. Pratt, 24 October 1841

Manchester, Oct, 24th <1841>
Pres’t J. Smith,
Dear Br, I have just Recd. several letters from  Nauvoo, togather with the times and Seasons up to  Sept, 15th being 1 month and 9 days on the passage.  The information from that quarter cheers our hearts  in regard to the peace and prosperity of Zion.  We had previously herd of the Death of Gen,  D, C, [Don Carlos] Smith and Colonel R[obert] B, Thompson;  Which filled our minds with sorrow, not for our them,  but for those who still live to feel their loss.  Br Carlos, I had known for eleven years, and  I never knew him to turn to the right or left from  the path of Jesus, or the Duties of his holy profes ion. Br, Thomson was baptised by me in Toronto  5 years ago; and a more humble, and constant,  and Charitable friend of Zion, I never knew,  or one who grew faster in knowledge and usefulness.  But they are Gone— and it must be for some wise  purpose— and the Lords will be done!
On the 20 of Sept, the Ship “Tyrean” sailed from  Liverpool for New Orleans, under a charter of  the Latterday saints; S[h]e had upwards of two hundred  on board, with Elder Joseph Fielding at their  head. By chartering, we saved the company at least  500 or 600 dollars.— The splendid New Ship  Chaos, 1200 tons Burthen, will sail on the 5th  November, under our charter. She will have [p. [1]]
Parley P. Pratt, Letter, Manchester, England, to JS, Nauvoo, IL, 24 Oct. 1841; handwriting of Parley P. Pratt; four pages; JS Collection, CHL.