Letter from Smith Tuttle, circa 15 September 1841

been carried out on the part of Dr G. it would have led to an arrange ment for the whole debt which we should have been willing to have enter ed into on terms mutually favorable— I should here state however that  Mr Hotchkiss has always assured me that the debt you owe us was of the  very best character, & he has repeatedly stated to me that he would not exchange  it for the same amt of bank stock— you ought not to complain that we  thought so favorably of the debt against you as to prefer it to anything else  especially when the rate of interest is so low— I have no doubt that if Dr.  Galland had met us agreeable to our arrangement with him & your Broth er Hiram that every thing would have gone on harmoniously & to the en tire satisfaction of all parties, & there would have been no occasion for  harsh remarks by either party— I have no doubt Dr Galland can give  a satisfactory reason why he did <not> meet us as agreed, but I think he  was in error in not writing us earlier & letting us know what he  could do, so that we could have gone about our business, which we were  kept from doing a length of time by waiting his instructions to meet  him in Phila— I learn (& have no doubt of it) that he was afflicted with  loss of sight to a great extent & which is surely a serious affliction—  Still I think he should have written us earlier— Mr Hotchkiss recd a  letter from you brother Wm in August saying that he was authorized to  transfer to him a house & land to apply on the notes signed by Messrs  Ivins I suppose. & that he should remain there (New Egypt) untill the 15th  Sept.— accordingly Mr H. & Myself a week since went to N. Egypt and  on arriving there found that your brother Wm had left for Nauvoo  some days since & of course nothing could be done— We were informed  & have no doubt of the fact that your Brother left thus early & hastily in  consequence of the melancholy news of the death of his brother at  Nauvoo & which of course was a sufficient reason for his leaving, but  he ought to have written us & saved us the Journey to meet him  but I am willing to be suffi reasonably charitable & admit that his  afflictions might have caused him to forget it— You will see that we  have uniformly been disappointed & the cause of disappointment in  the first named case with Dr G. has not been fully explained, al though as you say on your having an interview with him I hope & trust  you will be able to arrange satisfactorily for both parties— In relation to  Mr Hotchkiss verbal agreement to delay the payment of the interest five  years I of course cannot say which of you is right, but I am sure that  Mr H. understood it was only to be delayed two years at the request I [p. [2]]
Smith Tuttle, Letter, New Haven, CT, to JS, Nauvoo, IL, ca. 15 Sept. 1841; presumably handwriting of Smith Tuttle; five pages; JS Collection, CHL.