Letter from Smith Tuttle, circa 15 September 1841

when here that it was our intention to present you with a bell for your Temple  when you got through with our payments & which we then thought would be at an  early day & still think it would be mutually benefical if you can accom plish it— You may rest assured that we should [illegible] feel a pleasure in do ing it aside from pecuniary considerations— I trust from what I have stated  and I refer you to your Brother & Dr Galland who I trust is with you before this for the  correctness of my statements so far as they have knowledge, that you will admit  that without any explanation from you & your friends, we had some cause  to feel dissatisfied, & that we do not wish to crush you in your infancy  As before stated I believe events have transpired over which you had no control  but which were as you see unknown to us, which has led at least in part to the  misunderstanding so far, and I hope in future nothing of the kind will occur—
I deeply sympathize with you in the loss your family & Church have sustained &  I sincerely hope you may not soon again be thus afflicted— I notice with regret  in the times & seasons that you have had some difficulty in obtaining your types  for your new Paper but hope it is removed befor this— I also fear the loss of  Messrs [Don Carlos] Smith & [Robert B.] Thompson will prevent the publication at an early day— I wish a copy  of it & will remit the pay on receiving the first number— I wish you to write  me on rect of this in relation to the prospects of arranging our claim
Smith Tuttle
See red Ink, first Page
Rev. Joseph Smith
Hancock Cy.
[Stampled postmark] FAIR HAVEN  CT.
SEP  15
[Stamped] PAID
Look for Davis’  recpt to procure  the Mortgage left in Madison
Smith Tuttle’s  Letter. Sept. 1841
New Haven
Con. [p. [4]]
Smith Tuttle, Letter, New Haven, CT, to JS, Nauvoo, IL, ca. 15 Sept. 1841; presumably handwriting of Smith Tuttle; five pages; JS Collection, CHL.