Letter from William Smith, 5 August 1841

chester, co. Pennsylvania, Aug. 5. 1841
Brother Joseph I am at present in <at> the  Chester county Branch of the Church  <in> of Pennsylvania But I expect to leave  here for the Jersey Countrey next week  Docter [Isaac] Galland left for Nauvoo last week  will arive at your Place Before you  Recieve this,— the Hogkiss [Horace Hotchkiss] dept Hyram [Hyrum Smith]  Requested me to do all I could I have  ben trying to do so Brother James Ivanz [Ivins]  has Recieved orders on you from Docter Gallan  Galland to the amount of twenty five  Hundred Dollars, the Property that he has  given these orders for is well worth the  money I Expect to send Mr Hogkiss   New Jersey in a fiew days to Recieve this  [pr]operty the Property is a tavern Stand  attacht to six acres of ground with all the  apertainances Some of the Jersey People think  it worth three thousand Dollars. Now the  question is Shall I let Mr Hogkiss have this  Property for less than twenty five hundred  since that is the price you will have to pay  at Nauvoo why I ask this question is I have  understood that Hogkiss has said that he  would not allow over twenty tow [two] hundred Dols.  I got hold of another small piece of land worth  five hundred & if Hogkiss will take all at a  fare price I shall be anabled to setle the  amount of two thousand Dollars soon  Pleas write me an answer to the above question— [p. [1]]
William Smith, Letter, Chester County, PA, to JS, Nauvoo, IL, 5 Aug. 1841; handwriting of William Smith; four pages; JS Collection, CHL.