Letter from [William W. Phelps], 30 October 1833

Extract of a lettter dated, “Independence, October 30, 1833.
Dear brethren,— Through the mercy and aid of our heavenly Father we  are yet alive; and we are very thankful for such a blessing. Since I last  wrote we have been through a scene. We declared publicly a week a go  last Sunday that we as a people should defend our lands and houses. On  Monday the mob, or at least some of the leaders began to move; strict or ders were given with us not to be the aggressors—but to warn them not to  come upon us, &c. and as court was to set on Monday, it was noised abroad  that the leaders of the mob would be called upon to bind themselves to keep  the peace. It was a solemn looking time. The mob had lost no time in  sending rumors, and counselling; above fifty of them met on Saturday and  voted to a hand to move the “mormons:”—They counselled and rode all  day of Sunday. The great Monday came, but fewer people were seldom  seen at a Circuit Court—No mob, but great threats. A number of fami lies arrived last week from Ohio, Indianna, and Missouri; some of whom  were attacked by the leaders of the mob, but I believe they received no in jury. Yours &c.” [p. 119]
[William W. Phelps], letter, Independence, MO, to church leaders, Kirtland, OH, 30 Oct. 1833; The Evening and the Morning Star, Dec. 1833, p. 119.