Letter of Attorney to Reuben McBride, 2 November 1841

my said Attorney, by these presents, full power and  authority in and about the premises, to have, use and  take all lawful means, in my name, and for my use  for the purposes, aforesaid, and upon the receipt of  any such debts, dues, or sums of money, (as the  case may be) acquitances, or other sufficient dis charges, for me, and in my name to make and  give. And generally to do all other acts and  things in the law whatsoever, needful and ne cessary to be done in and about the premises  for me and in my name, to do, execute and  perform, as fully, and to all intents and pur poses as I might or could do if personally  present. Hereby ratifying and confirming all  and whatsoever my said attorney shall lawfully  do in and about the premises, by virtue hereof.
In witness whereof I have hereunto set my  hand and seal this second day of November  in the year of our Lord one thousand eight  hundred and forty one
Joseph Smith L.S.
In presence of
Wm Backinstos [Backenstos]— [p. 214]
JS, Letter of Attorney, Nauvoo, IL, 2 Nov. 1841; in JS Letterbook 2, pp. 213–214; handwriting of John Fullmer; JS Collection, CHL.