Letter of Attorney to Reuben McBride, 28 October 1841

A Copy of a Letter of Attorney from  Joseph Smith, “Sole Trustee in trust for the church  of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints” to Reuben  M.cBride, of Kirtland, Ohio,—
Know all men by these presents,  That I, Joseph Smith, of Nauvoo Hancock County  and State of Illinois, “sole trustee in trust for the Church  of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints,” have made, consti tuted and appointed and by these presents do make  constitute, and appoint, Reuben McBride of Kirt land Lake county and state of Ohio, my true  and lawful attorney: for me and in my name,  and for my use as “sole trustee in trust for the [p. 214]
JS, Letter of Attorney, Nauvoo, IL, 28 Oct. 1841; in JS Letterbook 2, pp. 214–215; handwriting of John S. Fullmer; JS Collection, CHL.