Letter of Attorney to Reuben McBride, 28 October 1841

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints”, to ask,  demand, sue for, recover and receive all such sum  or sums of money of money, debts goods, wares, &  other demands, which are, or shall be due, owing,  payable or belonging to me, as trustee in trust as afore said, by any manner or means whatsoever; also  to dispose of in my name, to grant, bargain, sell,  release and confirm all or any part of my real  estate as Trustee in trust, as aforesaid, in and  about Kirtland, Lake county and State of  Ohio, and throughout any of the northern and  eastern States, and to receive all such sum or sums  of money accruing therefrom, for me and for my use  as Sole Trustee in trust of Jesus Christ of Latter day  Saints; and to take up the power of Attorney which  I gave to Oliver Granger, and all the papers and  obligations of every description specified therein,  or in his possession by virtue thereof, and to settle  the same in my name, for me and for my use as  above described. And I, as trustee in trust as  aforesaid, hereby give and grant unto the said  Reuben McBride, my attorney, full power and  authority in and about the premises, to have, use  and take all lawful ways and means in my name  for the purposes aforesaid, and upon the receipt of  any such debts, dues or sums of money (as the  case may be) acquittances, or other sufficient dis charges, for me and in my name as aforesaid  Trustee, to make and give, and generally to do  all other acts and things in the law what soever needful and necessary to be done, in the  before mentioned places, for me and in my name  as aforesaid Trustee, to do, execute and perform as  fully, and to all intents and purposes, as I might  or could do if personally present. Hereby  ratifying all & whatsoever my sd. Attorney shall in the  place above specified, by virtue hereof.
In witness whereof I hereunto set my hand & seal  this 28th. day of Oct. 1841.—
(Signed) Joseph Smith LS.
JS, Letter of Attorney, Nauvoo, IL, 28 Oct. 1841; in JS Letterbook 2, pp. 214–215; handwriting of John S. Fullmer; JS Collection, CHL.