Letter of Introduction, 9 November 1839

Springfield Ill. November 9th. 1839
To his Excellency Martin Van Buren and  the heads of department at Washington:
I have the honor of Introducing  to you Messrs Joseph Smith Jun. and Elias Higbee who  have gone to Washington for the purpose of Obtaining  redress for the abuses receiv’d by the Church of Latter day  Saints in Missouri. They are also the bearers of a package  of letters of reccommendation given to myself the object  of those letters were not for any individual advantage  but for the benefit of the whole church of Latter day Saints  myself being sick and unable to travel I have placed them  in their hands for the same purpose for which they were  put into mine As they have been deputed to take my  place in consequence of sickness I wish you to consider  those letters as much theirs as mine and to place all confidence  in them as gentlemen who have the confidence of those sending  them and that your confidence in them may be as strong  as the confidence that one man can place in another.  I can assure you gentlemen that they are men of integrity  and piety in whom the greatest confidence can be placed  I have the honor to be Gentlemen with considerations of  high respect your Humble servant
Sidney Rigdon, letter, Springfield, IL, to Martin Van Buren, Washington DC, 9 Nov. 1839; handwriting of Sidney Rigdon; one page; Martin Van Buren Papers, Library of Congress, Washington DC.