Letter to Horace Hotchkiss, 25 August 1841

Nauvoo August 25th. 1841
Dr Sir
Yours of the 24th ult., came  to hand this day, The contents of which I duly appreciate  I presume you are well aware of the difficulties that occurred  before, and at, The execution of the writings in regard of the landed  transactions between us, touching the annual payments of  the interest, If you have forgotten I will here remind you;  You verbally agreed, on our refusal, and hesitancy to execute  the notes for the payment of the Land, That you would  not exact the payment, of the interest that would  accrue on them under five years. and that  you would not coerce the payment even then,  To all this you pledged your honor, and upon an  after arrangement, you verbally agreed, to  take Land in some one of the Atlantic States  that would yield Six per cent interest (to you)  both for the principal and interest, and in  view of that matter I deligated my Bro. Hyrum [Smith] &  Doctor Isaac Galland to go east and negociate  for Lands, with our friends, and pay you  off for the whole purchase that we made of  you, But upon an interview with you  they learned that you were unwilling to enter [p. [1]]
JS, Letter, Nauvoo, IL, to Horace Hotchkiss, New Haven, CT, 25 Aug. 1841; handwriting of George Miller; address in handwriting of John Fullmer; four pages; Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library, Springfield, IL.