Letter to Hyrum Smith, 5 December 1839

in electing John Q. Adams to their chair protem; but  whether they will get their speaker and clerk chosen  is yet unknown, as there is a great deal of wind  blown off on the occasion each day— There is such an  itching disposition to display their oratory on the  most trivial occasions and so much etiquett, bowing  and scraping, twisting and turning to, make a display  of their witticism that it seems to us rather a display  of folly and show more than substance & gravity,  such as becomes a great nation like ours. (however there  are some exceptions) A warm feeling has been manifested  in the discussion of the house to day, and it seems  as much confusion as though the nation had already  began to be vexed— We came with one of the Missouri members  from Wheeling to this place, who was drunk but once and  that however was <most of> all the time; there was but one day but  what he could navigate and that day he was keeld. over  so he could eat no dinner— The horses ran away with  the stage, they ran about 3 miles; several pasengers  jumped out and were hurt, bro.r Jos. clum out of the  stage— got the lines and stop[p]ed the horses, and also  saved the life of a lady & child. He was highly comme nded by the whole company for his great exertions and  presence of mind through the whole affair.— E. Higbee  jumped out of the stage at a favourable moment, just  before they stoped with a view to assist in stoping them  and was but slightly injured— We were not known  to the stage company until after our arrival, In our  interview with the President, He interogated us wherein  we differed in our religion from the other religions of the  day. Bro, Joseph said we differed in mode of baptism  and the gift of the Holy Ghost by the laying on of  hands— We considered that all other considerations  were contained in the gift of the Holy Ghost, and  we deemed it unnecessary to make many words in  preaching the Gospel to him— Suffice it to say he  has got our testimony— We watch the Post Office  like a Turkey Buzzard <watches for> carcase, but have recd no letters  from our sections of the Country— Write instantly
Yours with respect
J. S Jr.
JS and Elias Higbee, letter, Washington DC, to Hyrum Smith, Commerce, IL, 5 Dec. 1839; handwriting of Howard Coray; in JS Letterbook 2, pp. 85–88; JS Collection, CHL.