Letter to Jacob Stollings, 27 June 1839

Commerce Ill, June 27th 1839
In answer to yours concerning those books I have to say that I have made enquiry concerning them as far  as I consider there is any prospect of obtaining them for you, and not having been able to trace them in the  least degree I have determined to give up the pursuit, I would recommend you to enquire after  them of Dr. [Sampson] Avard, as the only chance I know of at present. Your’s &c &c J. S. Jr
Mr Jacob Stollings. P S. Since writing the above I have ascertained of one man  (who told me) that he saw Dr Avard have the Books, but what he did with them he knows not.
June 28 [p. 50]
JS, letter, Commerce, IL, to Jacob Stollings, Gallatin, MO, 27 June 1839; handwriting of James Mulholland; in JS Letterbook 2, p. 50; JS Collection, CHL.