Letter to John Bernhisel, 13 April 1841

had a glorious time indeed; the particulars  you will see in the Times and Seasons which  will be out in a few days.
The health of the people is good,  and we are expecting great blessings and  enjoyments, and are anxously looking  for, and expecting our eastern friends  to come and share in the toils and blessings
With sentiments of respect  I am yours &c in the gospel
Joseph Smith
J. M. Berishall. [John Bernhisel] M.D.
P.S. If you should send any means on, you  can send it by Elders [Samuel] Bent or [George W.] Harris who  I expect are somewhere in your neighborhood  or with any of the twelve when they come,  or a draught on New York by mail.
J. S.
The Brethren in New York wrote to me  sometime ago on the subject of Babtizm [baptism] for  the dead please to inform them I well  attend to it as soon as I possibly can.
J. S. [p. [2]]
JS, Letter, Nauvoo, IL, to John Bernhisel, New York City, NY, 13 Apr. 1841; handwriting of Robert B. Thompson; two pages; JS Collection, CHL.