Letter to John Bigler, 27 May 1839

Commerce Hancock Co Ill, 27th May 1839
Father Biggler [John Bigler]
Dear Sir
We have thought well to write you  by Brother Markam [Stephen Markham], on the subject of our purchase of lands here, in order to stir up  Your pure mind to a remembrance of the situation in which we have been placed  by the act of councils of the Church having appointed us a committee  to transact business <here> for the Church. We have as is known to the Church in  general; made purchases, And entered into contracts and promised payments  of monies for all which we now stand responsible.
Now as money seems to come in too slowly in order that  that we may be able to meet our obligations— we have determined to call upon  the liberality of Father Biggler through the agency of Br Markam, and request  that he will place in his hands for us, the sum of five or six hundred dollars  for which he shall have the security of the said committee, also, through the  agency of Br Markham, and the thanks of the Church besides.
Joseph Smith Jr
Mr John Biggler, Quincy Ill. [p. 13]
JS and Vinson Knight, letter, Commerce, IL, to John Bigler, Quincy, IL, 27 May 1839; handwriting of James Mulholland; in JS Letterbook 2, p. 13; JS Collection, CHL.