Letter to Oliver Granger, 30 August 1841

This item is reproduced by permission of The Huntington Library, San Marino, California.
Nauvoo Agust 30th 1841
We was cal[le]d upon a few Days since by a Gentleman  from Newyork Citty by the name of Devenport with  a Judgement In favor of [Ray] Boynton & [Harry] Hyde of that Place  & as I Had no recollection of the Debt I cited him  to you beleiving you would understand all a bout it  for the Judgement was rendered at Shardon [Chardon]
Mr Devenport appeared to be qite a Gentleman  & said he would call, on you & If there is any  means Possible to Settle it we wish you to do so  if the debt is a Just one he will be willing to  take any Kind of property in a most any place  on the Earth— all things Prosper in this Place  Except the Loss we have sustaind in the death of  two of our most valuable men Brother D C Smth [Don Carlos Smith]  & Robert B Thompson Both have recently Died  of what I call a qick Consumption theyr  Desease was upon theyr Lungs they wasted a way  in one week & Spit up theyr verry vitals—  they are gone. theyr Loss is Irreparable  but we must be submisive to the will of god  & try to Stand in our Lot bothe wow <now> & at this  End we have not heard from you of Late we would  be glad to hear from you often Let us Know how you  Prosper in all yours affairs & ours also
I Saw Sister Agness [Agnes Coolbrith Smith] Carloss widow <this morning> She wished  me to say to you She hoped you would remember the  widow & fartherless & be shure to deed the House &  Lot in Kirtland to her for it is all She has it is  like the widows Mite She is Left qite dest[i]tute  we wish you to do so if you have not. we will be respon sible for the moneys you have Expended for the Place  we have recently received a letter from Brother [William W.] Phelps  reqesting Councill I gave him Council when I was  there Last March I think that if he had had as  mall mutch faith in my Council as he had in [p. [1]]
Hyrum Smith and JS, Letter, Nauvoo, IL, to Oliver Granger, Kirtland Township, OH, 30 Aug. 1841; handwriting of Hyrum Smith; two pages; Henry E. Huntington Library, San Marino, CA.