Letter to Oliver Granger, 4 May 1841

so that you were to bid adieu to mortal ity it would be impossible for me  ever to get the run of the business  and I should be again involved in  difficulties from which it would be  impossible for me to extricate myself.  Now dear Brother I do hope you will  see the reasonableness of this my request  and assist Dr Galland in the affair.
I do not make these observations  because I have lost confidence in you  far from it, but I feel impressed to  write what I have done from a sence  of duty which I owe to the Church of  Christ, to you and to myself.
I wish you to see that the judgment  obtained on the mortgage on the house  of the Lord, in the Circuit Court, be  entered satisfied, and I will settle  with you <the same> as if you held it yourself  Bro Carlos’ [Don Carlos Smith’s] House & Lot I want deeding  to Mrs Agnas [Agnes Coolbrith] Smith and her heirs.
I am happy to inform you, that  things are going on well in this place,  we have been greatly prospered, and  many are flocking in from Europe &  about 300 have arrived in less than  a week, more are on the way. [p. [2]]
JS, Letter, Nauvoo, IL, to Oliver Granger, Kirtland Township, OH, 4 May 1841; handwriting of Robert B. Thompson; three pages; Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library, Springfield, IL.