Letter to Oliver Granger, 4 May 1841

City of Nauvoo May 4, 1841
Bro Hyrum [Smith] having retur[n]ed  and given me a statement of his jour ney and proceedings in the East, which  have been very pleasing and satisfac tory. I was sorry to hear that you had  been so sick, and not able to attend  to business as much [as] could be desired.
I have since heard that you have  had a relapse, and that you were very  sick again, this I was sorrry to hear—  However I hope you will yet recover  and that we shall see you at this  place before long.
I am very anxous indeed to have  the matters which concern the First  Presidency settled as soon as possible,  for until they are I have to labor under  a load that is intolerable to bear, I  therefore respectfully reccommend to  you to give a whole statement of the  whole affairs to Dr. [Isaac] Galland who is  yet in the east, and will be in Kirtland  soon, and get him to take the matter  into his hands and get the thing business  straitened up. This I must beg leave  to urge upon you to do, for delays are  dangerous, your health is precarious  and if any thing should occur— [p. [1]]
JS, Letter, Nauvoo, IL, to Oliver Granger, Kirtland Township, OH, 4 May 1841; handwriting of Robert B. Thompson; three pages; Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library, Springfield, IL.