Letter to Quorum of the Twelve, 4 August 1835

From this short letter we discover— that failed in  out set, to fill their great and important mission, as  they know that God has commanded us to build a house in  which to receive an endowment, previous, to to the red[e]mp tion of Zion, and that Zion could not be redeemed until  this takes place: knowing that the committee were to jour ney for the express purpose of soliciting donations, they have  failed to hold them up, and set forth this first important  thing, and in consequence God has not blessed them  as he otherwise would. We remind you of these things,  in the name of the Lord, and refer you to the book  of covenants, 2nd. Section, 2nd. part, and 12, paragraph,  and ask, did we not instruct you to remember first the  house, secondly the cause of Zion, and then the publishing  the word of to the Nations? The other is an extract from  Elder Wm. E. Mc. Lellin’s letter to his wife, as follows:  
“You say, that it will not be in your power to go to  school this summer— I am glad that it is not, since Eld[e]r  [Orson] Hyde has returned and given, me a description of the man ner in which it is conducted. though we do not wish  to cast any reflections.”
This, the council consider[ed] to be a libel upon the  face of it: Elder McLellin says, “We do not wish to cast  any reflections.” When the highest insult and reflections  are cast, by it upon the church, the presidency, and those  who are held in much higher estimation in the sight  of God and this church, than themselves. It is necessary to  add further the vote of the counsel— We hereby inform  Elders Mc.Lellin and Hyde that we withdraw our fel lowship from them until they return and make  satisfaction face to face.
We further inform the twelve, that as far as we  can learn from the churches through which you have  traveled, that you have set yourselves up as an inde pendant counsel subject to no authority of the church—  a kind of out laws. This impression is wrong, and [p. 91]
JS and Kirtland High Council, letter, Kirtland, OH, to Quorum of the Twelve, Kirtland, OH, 4 Aug. 1835; handwriting of John Whitmer; in JS Letterbook 1, pp. 90–93; JS Collection, CHL.