Letter to the Church in Thompson, Ohio, 6 February 1833

praying for him continually that he may be  endued with wisdom and understanding in the  knowledge of the Lord that through him you may  be kept from evil spirits and all strifes and  discensions and grow in grace and in the know[l]edge  of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ
Brethren beloved continue in brotherly Love  walking in meekness watching unto prayer  that you be not overcome follow after  peace as said our beloved brothe[r] Paul that  you may be the children of our heavenly  Father and <not> give occasion <of> for stumbling to  saint or sinner— finely [finally] brethren pray for  us that we may be enabled to do the work  whereunto we are called that you may enjoy  the mysteries of God even a fulness and may  the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you  all amen.
Joseph Smith Jr—
JS, Sidney Rigdon, and Frederick G. Williams, letter, Kirtland, OH, to the Church in Thompson, OH, 6 Feb. 1833; handwriting of Frederick G. Williams; in JS Letterbook 1, pp. 25–26; JS Collection, CHL.