Letter to Vienna Jacques, 4 September 1833

Brothe[r] David Pettin [David W. Patten] has Just returned from his  tour from <to> the east and gives us great satisfaction  as to his ministry he has raised up a church  of about Eighty <three> members in that part of the country  where his friends live in the state of New York  many were healed by through his instrumantality  several criples were restored as many as twelve  that were afflicted came at at a time from a distanc[e]  to be healed he <and others> administered in the name of  Jesus and they were made whole thus you  see that the Laborers in the Lords vineyard are  Labouring with their mights while the day lasts  knowing the night soon cometh wherein no man  can work I wish you to say to brothe[r] [Edward] Partridge  that we received his lette[r] of the 13 August directed  to Bro Frederick [G. Williams] requesting an explination on  the Plan of the house which is to be built in  Zion and also of the City Platt that <the> brothern  whom we have recently sent to Zion will give  them all the information they need about it  I have but little time to write at present for  I am Labouring on the house of the Lord with  my own hands therefor I must bid you farewell  and subscribe myself your unworthy brother  in christ amen
[Joseph Smith Jr.]
Vienna Jacques was an unmarried woman who joined the church in the Boston area in 1832 before immigrating to Missouri the next year. While traveling west, she visited Kirtland, Ohio, and while there was invited to consecrate her assets to the church. Jacques’s contribution was of great assistance at a time of financial struggle, for which JS promised her the blessings of God. The letter also contained JS’s views of the difficulties that had occurred in Missouri.
Frederick G. Williams transcribed this letter. It was sent from Kirtland, Ohio, to Jacques at Independence, Missouri. A portion of the page, which likely contained JS’s signature, has been removed.