Letter to Vienna Jacques, 4 September 1833

Kirtland Sept 4th 1833——
—Having a few Leisur moments I sit down to  communicate to you a few wordes which I know I am  under obligation to improve for to your Satisfaction if it  should be a satisfaction for you to receive a few  words from your unworthy brother in Christ, I received  your Letter some time since containing a history of your  Journey and your safe arival for which I bless the Lord  I have often felt a whispering since I received your letter  like this Joseph thou art indebted to thy God for  the offering of thy Sister Viana [Vienna Jacques] which proved a Savior  of life as pertaining to thy pecunary concern therefor  she should not be forgotten of thee for the Lord hath  done this and thou shouldst remember her in all thy  prayers and also by letter for she oftentimes calleth on  the Lord saying O Lord inspire thy Servant Joseph  to communicate by letter some word to thine unworthy  handmaid canst thou not speak peaciably unto  thine handmaid and say all my sins are forgiven  and art thou not content with the chastisement wherewith  thou hast chastised thy handmaid yea siste[r] this  seams to be the whisperings of a spirit and Judge ye  what spirit it is I was sensable, when you left  Kirtland that the Lord would chasten you but I pray<ed>  fervantly in the name of Jesus that you might live  to receive your inheritance agreeable to the commandm[e]nt  which was given concerning you I am not at all  astonished at what has happened to you neithe[r] to what  has happened to Zion and I could tell all the why’s &  wherefores of all there calamities but alas it is in  vain to warn and give precepts for all men are  naturally disposed to walk in their own paths as they  are pointed out by their own fingers and are not  willing to considder and walk in the path which is  pointed out by another saying this is the way  walk ye in it altho he should be an uner[r]ing  director and the Lord his God sent him neverthe less I do not feel disposed to cast any reflections but I feel to  cry mightily unto the Lord that all things might work  together for good which has happened yea I feel to say  O Lord let Zion be comforted let her waste places be  built up and established an hundred fold [p. [1]]
Vienna Jacques was an unmarried woman who joined the church in the Boston area in 1832 before immigrating to Missouri the next year. While traveling west, she visited Kirtland, Ohio, and while there was invited to consecrate her assets to the church. Jacques’s contribution was of great assistance at a time of financial struggle, for which JS promised her the blessings of God. The letter also contained JS’s views of the difficulties that had occurred in Missouri.
Frederick G. Williams transcribed this letter. It was sent from Kirtland, Ohio, to Jacques at Independence, Missouri. A portion of the page, which likely contained JS’s signature, has been removed.