Letter to Vienna Jacques, 4 September 1833

let thy saints come unto Zion out of every nation  let her be exalted to the third heavens and let thy  Judgments be sent forth unto victory and after this great  tribulation let thy blessings fall upon thy people  and let thy handmaid live till her soul shall be sat isfied in beholding the glory of Zion notwithstanding  her present affliction she shall yet arise and put  on her beautiful garments and be the Joy and  praise <glory> of the whole earth therefore let your heart be  comferted live in strict obedience to the commandments  of God and walk humble before him and he will  exalt thee in his own due time the brethren in this place  are gaining ground in spiritual things and are trying  to overcome all things that is not well pleasing to  their heavenly father we have common there has  many brethren mooved to this place from different  parts of the country so much so that one house is  not sufficient to contain them for public worship  and we have divided and hold meetings in  two sepperete places namely at the school house  on the flats and Uncle John Smiths who lives on  brother [Joseph] Coes place we have commenced building  the house of the Lord in this place and are  making great progress in it so much so that I feel  great hopes that by spring it will be finished so  that we can have a place to worship where we  shall not be molested a few days since Brothe[r]  Ball and Siste[r] Elizabeth Chase arived here <from>  boston broth ball has gone about three miles from  this place to work at his trade and Siste[r] Elizab eth lives with me at present Agnes [Coolbrith] & Mary [Bailey]  Lives with father Smith——
I will assure you that the Lord has respect unto the  offering you made he is a God that changes not and  and his word cannot fail remember what he has  said in the book of mormon respecting those who  should assist in bringing this work forth we  frequently have inteligenc from our elder abroad  that are proclaming the word that God is working  with them for they have attained to great faith  insomuch that signs do follow them that believe [p. [2]]
Vienna Jacques was an unmarried woman who joined the church in the Boston area in 1832 before immigrating to Missouri the next year. While traveling west, she visited Kirtland, Ohio, and while there was invited to consecrate her assets to the church. Jacques’s contribution was of great assistance at a time of financial struggle, for which JS promised her the blessings of God. The letter also contained JS’s views of the difficulties that had occurred in Missouri.
Frederick G. Williams transcribed this letter. It was sent from Kirtland, Ohio, to Jacques at Independence, Missouri. A portion of the page, which likely contained JS’s signature, has been removed.