Memorandum, 2 October 1841

The following was copied from a memorandum  which was made upon the accasion of which it treats.
“The Corner Stone of the Nauvoo House, in which  the following records, were deposited, was laid by Joseph  Smith, the President of the Church, to wit:—
A Printed copy of the ‘Book of Mormon’
A Revelation, given January 19th 1841
The “Times & Seasons”, containing the charter of the  Nauvoo House
The Memorial of Lyman Wight to the Senate  of the United States.
A Book of Covenants
No. 35 of the “Times & Seasons”
The original Manuscript of the “Book of Mormon”.
The Persecution of the Church, in the  State of Missouri, published in the Times  & Seasons.
The Holy Bible—
Silver Coin, to wit
1 Half Dollar
1 Quarter Dollar
2 Dimes— 2 Half Dimes—
1 Cop[p]er Coin.
Deposited on the 2nd October 1841 [p. 220]
Memorandum, Nauvoo, IL, 2 Oct. 1841; in JS Letterbook 2, p. 220; handwriting of John Fullmer; JS Collection, CHL.