Minutes, 1–5 October 1841

Monday 4th A. M. Conference opened  by the choir singing hymn 183 and prayer  by Bro. Geo. Smith.
Pres’t. Joseph Smith made a lengthy  exposition of the condition of the tempo ral affairs of the church, the agency of  which had been committed to him at a  general conference in Quincy—explain ing the manner that he had discharged  the duties involved in that agency, and  the condition of the lands and other prop erty of the church.
On Motion, resolved—That Elder Reu ben Mc Bride be vested with power of at torney to go, settle, and if possible close  a business concern left in an uncertain  condition by Elder Oliver Granger de ceased.
Prayer by Bro. L. Wight—Adjourned  for one hour.
P. M. Conference opened by the choir  singing hymn 88 and prayer by Elder  John Smith.
Bro. Lyman Wight spoke at some  length on the subject introduced in the  former part of the day, and on the old  debts and obligations that are freqently  brought up from Kirtland and Missouri;  one of which, in the form of a $50 note,  he held in his hand and proclaimed as his  text.
On Motion, Voted viva voce unanime  That the trustee in trust of church prop erty here, be instructed not to appropri ate church property to liquidate old  claims that may be brought forward eith er from Kirtland or Missouri.
Pres H Smith presented to the notice of  conference some embarassment growing  out of his signing as security, a certain  obligation in Kirtland in favor of Mr  Eaton.
On motion, Voted that church proper ty here shall not be appropriated to li quidate said claim.
Bro. B. Young made some appropriate  and weighty remarks on the importance  of more liberal consecrations and more  energetic efforts to forward the work of  building &c. After purchasing Bro. L  Wight’s text by paying him fifty cents,  he tore it in pieces and gave it to the  winds, saying “go ye and do likewise.”  Choir sung hymn 104 and Pres’t Hy rum Smith closed by prayer. Confer ence adjourned to meet tomorrow morn ing 9 o’clock.
Tuesday 5th A. M. Conference open ed by the choir singing hymn 274 and  prayer by Bro. O. Pratt.
Bro. Orson Pratt, by request of Pres’t.  Joseph Smith, presented and read to the  conference a recent letter from Smith  Tuttle Esq, one of the proprietors of  the Hotchkiss purchase, in reference to  some misunderstanding in the adjustment  of their claims, and conciliatory of any  hard feelings growing out of such misun derstanding.
Bro. B. Young spoke on the contents  of the letter and express[e]d his earnest  desire that that business might be speedi ly adjusted, and a proper title obtained  by the church. Bro’s. L. Wight and H.  Smith followed with appropriate re marks.
On motion, Voted that Pres’t. Joseph  Smith write an answer to Mr. [Horace] Hotchkiss  on the subject of his claim.
On Motion—by Pres’t. Joseph Smith— Voted that the Twelve write an epistle  to the saints abroad to use their influence  and exertions to secure, by exchange,  purchase, donation &c., a title to the  Hotchkiss purchase.
Bro. B. Young presented an appeal from  the Elder’s Quorum against Elder John  A. Hicks charging him with a breach of  the ordinances of the city, and of the  peace with falsehood and with scismati cal conversation and behavior—signed  by Dimick B. Huntington. After hear ing suffic[i]ent testimony in his case.
On Motion Conference Voted that El der John A. Hicks be cut off from the  church.
Closed by the choir singing 275 hymn,  prayer by B. Young. Adjourned for  one hour.
P. M. Conference opened by the choir  singing hymn 104, and prayer by Bro.  O. Pratt.
Bro. O. Pratt read to the conference,  the minutes of a special conference held  in the city of Nauvoo Aug. 16th 1841.
Pres’t. Joseph Smith made remarks  explanatory of the importance of the res [o]lutions and votes passed at that t[i]me.
On Motion, Voted, that this conference  sanction the doings of said special con ference.
Bro. B. Young proposed to the congre gation, that those who would take labor ers on the Lord’s House into their hous es to board with them while thus laboring  should manifest their willingness by ri [p. 579]
Minutes, Nauvoo, IL, 1–5 Oct. 1841; in Times and Seasons, 15 Oct. 1841, 2:576–580.