Minutes, 17 September 1837

to number themselves, begining on the  South Side of the house, & so pass to  the north, it appeared that there were  one hundred & nine Elders present who  wished to travel, they were then divided  into eight companies in the following  manner, Beginning with No 1 to No 13  formed the first company They were ap pointed to travel East, The next company  was from 13 to 26 They were appointed  to travel South East, The next was from  26 to 39 They were appointed to travel  South, The next from 39 to 52 They  were to travel South west, The next from  52 to 65 They were to go directly West  The next from 65 to 78 Their course was  North west, The next from 78 to 91 They  were to travel North, The next from  91 to 104 They were to travel North East  It appeared after this division that  there 5 left Nos 105,-6-7-8 and 9 No 105  was appointed to travel with the compa ny that go South East, 106 with the  Com’y South, 107 to travel with the South  Com’y, 108 with the East Company <&> 109  North. It was farther appointed that  those who might desire to travel a  different course from the one which  was appointed to the division to which  They belonged, might have the privilege  of changing with one of another division.  And lastly it was appointed  that the different divisions appoint  a meeting for themselves to make [p. 244]
Minutes, Kirtland, Ohio, 17 Sept. 1837; handwriting of George W. Robinson; in Minute Book 1, pp. 242–245; CHL.