Minutes, 2 May 1835–B

These Authorities were present together with a great  many other Elders of the Church from different parts.  In the midst of this grand assemblage, President J  Smith Jun arose and made many remarks, among which  were the following. “It will be the duty of the twelve  when in council to take their seats together according to  their ages. The oldest to be seated at the head, and preside  in the first council, the next oldest in the second; and so  on until the youngest has presided”.
The twelve Apostles have no right to go  into Zion or any of its stakes where there is a  regular high council established, to regulate any matters  pertaining thereunto: But it is their duty to go abroad  and regulate and set in order all matters relative  to the different branches of this church of the Latter  Day Saints.
When the twelve are all together or a  quorum of them in any church, they have authority  to act independently of the church and form decisions  and those decisions will be valid; but when there is not  a quorum of them together, they must transact busin ess by the common consent of the church.
No standing hig[h] council has authority to go  into the churches abroad and regulate the matters  thereof, for this belongs to the Twelve. [p. 6]
Minutes, Kirtland, OH, 2 May 1835; handwriting of Orson Hyde; in “Record of the Transactions of the Twelve,” pp. 5–7, in Patriarchal Blessing Book 2; CHL.