Minutes, 2 May 1835–B

No standing high council will ever be estab lished except in Zion or one of its stakes.
When the Twelve pass a decision, it is in the name  of the church, therefore, it is valid.
No official member of the church has authority  to go into any branch thereof and ordain any  minister for the church unless it is by the voice  of that branch. No elder has authority to go into  any branch of the church and appoint meetings  or attempt to regulate the affairs of the church  without the advice and consent of the presiding  Elder of that branch.
If the first seventy are all employed and  there is a call for more labourers in the  vineyard it will be the the duty of the seven  presidents of the first seventy to call and ord ain other seventy and send them forth to  labour until, if need be, they set apart seven  times seventy, and even until there are one  hundred and forty & four thousand thus set apart  to the ministry. The seventy are not to attend  the conferences of the Twelve, unless they are called  upon or requested so to do by the twelve.
The twelve and the seventy have particula[r]ly  to depend upon their ministry for their support and  that of their families, and they have a right by  virtue of their offices to call upon the churches  to assist them.
Resolved in this grand Council; That we never  give up the struggle for Zion until it is redeemed  altho’. we should die in the contest. The vote was  unanimous of all that were in the house.
Minutes, Kirtland, OH, 2 May 1835; handwriting of Orson Hyde; in “Record of the Transactions of the Twelve,” pp. 5–7, in Patriarchal Blessing Book 2; CHL.