Minutes, 21 April 1834

then related a few items of a vision which he gave as a  testimony of those things contained in the revelations  read by Bro. Sidney, and his remarks upon that part  relative to the endowment of the elders with power from  on high. Bro. Joseph then occupied a few minutes by  way of explanation of the revelation concerning the bu ilding of the house of the Lord.
Bro. S. Rigdon then took up the third item, viz: The spreading  of the word of the Lord. After which several brethren  spoke.
The case of bro. Thomas Tripp who had been found  in transgression, was then called in question. Bro. David Evans  was called upon to state what he knew concerning the case,  who said that he had been guilty of improprieties with a  sister when going home from a meeting by takeing her by the  hand. And also committed some other improprieties with  another sister by drawing her breasts. He had sought witness  against a sister in good standing from a wicked woman  in the world. The conference then voted that Thomas Tripp  be excluded from this church with the privilege of an  appeal to the Bishops council at Kirtland.
Bro. Joseph then laid hands upon certain children &  blessed them in the name of the Lord. The sacrament  was then administered by bro. S. Rigdon.
The number of high priests was— 7.
" D[itt]o " Elders "—— 13.
Adjourned to the Monday precedeing the second sunday  in September. The conference then closed by singing,  “Now my remnant of days,” &c.
Oliver Cowdery}Clerk of  conference
[p. 47]
Minutes, Norton, OH, 21 Apr. 1834; handwriting of Orson Hyde; in Minute Book 1, pp. 43–47; CHL.