Minutes, 21 February 1835

We have work to do, that no other men can do. You  must proclaim the Gospel in its simplicity and  purity. and we commend you to God and the word  of his grace. You have our best wishes, you have  our most fervent prayers, that you may be able  to bear this testimony, that you have seen the  face of God. Therefore, call upon him in faith  and mighty prayer, till you prevail, for it <is> your  duty and your privelege to bear such testimony for  yourselves. We now exhort you to be faithful to  fulfil your calling, there must be no lack  here. You must fulfil in all things, and  permit is us to repeat, all nations have a claim  on you. You are bound together as the three wit nesses were. You, notwithstanding can part &  meet & meet and part again till your  heads are silvered o[v]er with age.
He then took them separately by the hand  and said, Do you with full purpose of heart  take part in this ministry, to proclaim the  gospel with all diligence with these your  brethren, according to the tenor and intent of  the charge you have received, each of  which answered in the affirmative. [p. 164]
Minutes, Kirtland, OH, 21 Feb. 1835; handwriting of Warren Cowdery; in Minute Book 1, pp. 154–164; CHL.