Minutes, 23 March 1833–A

Kirtland 23d of March 1833—
A councel of High Priests & Elders assembld  in the school room at 9 oclock agreeabl—  to previous arangments.——
After opening the councel by prayer by  Broth[er] Joseph it was agreed that bro  Joseph Coe and brothr Moses Dailey [Daley] should  procede to make purchace of certain  farms or to obtain, or to obtain their  terms of sail [sale], and and that Bro E Thair [Ezra Thayer]  be appointed to obtain the price of Pete[r]  French farm and the brethren agreed  to continue in prayer and fasting for  the ultimate success of their mission  after an absence of about three hours  Bro Coe & Bro Daily returned and made  report as follows. That Eligeh [Elijah] Smith  would sell his farm for four thousand  dollars and that Mr [Isaac] Morley would  sell his farm for twenty one hundred  dollars. and also bro Thair returned  and reported that Peter French would  sell his farm for five thousand dollars  and afte[r] the report of the brethren it  was put to vote whether it was  the property should be purchaced  and deceded [decided] in the affirmative  it was then agreed that bro Ezra Thair and  Joseph Coe should superintend the pur chacing of said farms and to have  the prayer of the brethren and that  they should be ordained to that office  accordingly Sidney Rigdon ordained  them as general agents to be set apart. [p. 18]
Minutes, Kirtland, OH, 23 Mar. 1833; handwriting of Frederick G. Williams; in Minute Book 1, pp. 18–19; CHL.