Minutes, 23 March 1833–A

to act as such in this eastern branch of the  Church There b[e]ing no further busin[e]ss the  councel closed by prayer——
As church membership in the Kirtland, Ohio, area expanded in March 1833, so also did the needs of the poor within the church. The financial circumstances of church leaders were also of concern. Moreover, an earlier revelation called for the establishment of a “house of God,” or temple, as a place of instruction and worship, despite economic difficulties.
In this situation it became evident that additional purchases of property were necessary. Such development would provide a site for the proposed temple, locations for local industry, land for agriculture, and lots to be sold to emigrants to raise funds for the poor.
On 23 March 1833, a council of high priests met to discuss possible land acquisitions. Though three parcels were considered and their purchase authorized, apparently only the Peter French farm in Kirtland was acquired.
Frederick G. Williams kept the minutes of this meeting and entered a copy into Minute Book 1.