Minutes, 27 February 1835–A

and glorious manifestations which have been made to us,  with that degree of power and authority, we otherwise  could, if we now had these things to publish abroad.  Since the Twelve

Members of a governing body in the church, with special administrative and proselytizing responsibilities. A June 1829 revelation commanded Oliver Cowdery and David Whitmer to call twelve disciples, similar to the twelve apostles in the New Testament and ...

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are now chosen, I wish to tell them a  course <which> they may pursue, and be benefitted hereafter, in a point  of light of which they are not now aware. If they will, on  every time they assemble, appoint a person to preside <over>  of over them during the meeting and one or more to keep  a record of their proceedings, and on the decision of every  question or item, let it be what it may, let such decis ion be noted down, such decision will forever remain  upon record, and appear an item of covenant or doctrine.  An item thus decided may appear at the time of little  or no worth, but should it be published, and one of you lay  hands on it after you will find of infinite worth, not only  to your brethren, but it will be a feast to your own souls.
Here is another important item. If you assemble from  time to time, and proceed to discuss important questions,  and pass decisions upon the same, and fail to note them  down, by & by you will be driven to straits, from which,  you will not be able to extricate yourselves. because  you may be in a situation not to bring your faith to  bear with sufficient perfection or power to obtain the desired  information, or perhaps, for neglecting to write these things, when  God revealed them, not esteeming them of sufficient worth  the spirit may withdraw and God may be angry, and here  is or was a vast knowledge of infinite importance, which  is now lost. What was the cause of this? It came in conse quence of Slothfulness, or a neglect to appoint a man to occupy  a few moments in writing all these decisions. Here let  me prophesy. The time will come, when, if you neglect to  do this thing, you will fall by the hands of unrighteous men.  Were you to be brought before the authorities, and, be accused  of any crime or Misdemeanor, and be as innocent as [p. 87]
Minutes, Kirtland

Located ten miles south of Lake Erie. Settled by 1811. Organized by 1818. Population in 1830 about 55 Latter-day Saints and 1,000 others; in 1838 about 2,000 Saints and 1,200 others; in 1839 about 100 Saints and 1,500 others. Mormon missionaries visited township...

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, OH, 27 Feb. 1835; handwriting of Warren Cowdery

17 Oct. 1788–23 Feb. 1851. Physician, druggist, farmer, editor. Born at Wells, Rutland Co., Vermont. Son of William Cowdery and Rebecca Fuller. Married Patience Simonds, 22 Sept. 1814, in Pawlet, Rutland Co. Moved to Freedom, Cattaraugus Co., New York, 1816...

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; in Minute Book 1, pp. 86–88; CHL.