Minutes, 27 February 1835–B

February 27th. of the same year the Twelve met  in Kirtland by request of President J. Smith Jun. After the  council was opened by prayer, he arose and made the  following observations, (Viz) “I have something to lay before this  council, an item which they will find to be of great importance  to them. I have for myself learned— a fact by experience which  on reflection gives me deep sorrow. It is a truth that if I  now had in my possession every decision which has been given  had upon important items of doctrine and duties since  the rise of this church, they would be of incalculable  worth to the saints, but we have neglected to keep record [p. 1]
Minutes, Kirtland, OH, 27 Feb. 1835; in “Record of the Transactions of the Twelve,” pp. 1–4, in Patriarchal Blessing Book 2; CHL.