Minutes, 7–11 April 1841

Minutes of the general conference of the  Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day  Saints held at the City of Nauvoo,  Hancock Co. Ill. on the seventh day  of April, in the year of our Lord one  thousand eight hundred and forty- one.
Conference convened at 10 o’clock  A. M. when the names of the pres idents of the several quorums were  called, who took their seats on the  stand, and their councillors immediate ly in front. The meeting was then  called to order, and the choir under the  superintendence of B[enjamin] S. Wilber sung  a hymn, and the conference was open ed by an address to the throne of grace  by Pres’t. W[illiam] Law.
The clerk was then called upon to  read the report of the First Presidency,  which was read.
On motion. Resolved that the re port be printed in the Times and Sea sons.
Pres. [Sidney] Rigdon arose and stated, that  in consequence of his weakness from  his labors of yesterday, he would call  upon Gen. J[ohn] C. Bennett to officiate in  his place.
Gen. Bennett then read the revela tions from “The Book of the Law of  the Lord,” which had been received  since the last general Conference, in  relation to writing a proclamation to the  kings of the earth, building a Temple  in Nauvoo, the organization of the  church &c.
Pres. Jos. Smith rose and made some  observations in explanation of the same,  and likewise of the necessity which ex isted of building the Temple, that the  saiints might have a suitable place for  worshiping the Almighty, and also the  building of the Nauvoo Boarding  House, that suitable accomodations  might be afforded for the strangers who  might visit this city.
The choir sung a hymn, and the  meeting adjourned for one hour.
Conference met pursuant to adjourn ment and was called to order by Pres.  W. Law.
The choir sung a hymn, and Pres’t.  W[illiam] Marks addressed the throne of  grace.
Gen. Bennett, read the charters gran ted by the Legislature of this state for  incorporating the “City of Nauvoo,” the  “Nauvoo Legion,” “The University of  the City of Nauvoo,” “The Agricul tural and Manufactoring Association”  & for the “Nauvoo House Association.”
On Motion; Resolved; That the  charters now read be received by the  Church.
Carried unanimously.
Pres’t. D. C. [Don Carlos] Smith arose and gave  an exhortation to the assembly.
Gen. J. C. Bennett, then spoke at  some length on the present situation,  prospects, and condition of the church,  and remarked that the hand of God  must indeed be visible, in accomplishing  the great blessings and prosperity of the [p. 386]
Minutes, Nauvoo, IL, 7–11 Apr. 1841; in Times and Seasons, 15 Apr. 1841, 2:386–388.