Minutes, 7–8 March 1835

Kirtland March 7th 1835
This day a Meeting of the Church of Latter Day Saints  was called in this place, for the purpose of blessing in the  name of the Lord, those who have heretofore assisted  in building, by their labor & other means, the house of  the Lord in this place. The forenoon was occupied by Pr.  J. Smith Junr in remarks to the Church, upon the pro priety and necessity of purifying itself. In the P.M.  the names of the several, those who had assisted to build the  house were taken and further remarks were made  by president J. Smith Junr. He said that those who  had distinguished themselves Thus far by consecra ting to the upbuilding of said house as well as  laboring were to be remembered. That those  who build it should own it, and have the  control of it. After further remarks he  proceeded to call a vote of those who had  performed this labor, whether they would  still go on and perform the remaining  part of the same,
Passed by unanimous voice.
The Presidency were blessed.
President Sidney Rigdon was nominated to officiate  in Laying on hands in the name of the Lord to be stow the blessings.
The Presidency were blessed and Reynolds Cahoon  Hyrum Smith & Jared Carter, the building Com mittee. The last were not present but their  right in the house was preserved. [p. 192]
Minutes, Kirtland, OH, 7–8 March 1835; handwriting of Warren Cowdery; in Minute Book 1, pp. 192–197; CHL.