Minutes, 7–8 March 1835

to call after them, and hunt them up. whereever he  could hear of them. To preach the gospel to them whether  they will hear or not.
Wm. Bosley, Wm. Perry & Don Carlos Smith. Wm. Bosley & Wm. Perry  were ordained Elders. D.C. Smith was blessed with a promise of  having wisdom to proclaim the gospel and also to write in wisdom  Shadrack Roundy, Joel Johnson & Oliver Higby, blessed.
Sabbath morning March 8th 1835
Pursuant to adjournment the Church met for the pur pose of further blessing those who had assisted in building  the House of the Lord in Kirtland. Even M. Green[e], Levi  Osgood and Alpheus Harmon were called to the stand &  blessed. Joseph C. Kingsbury Ira Bond and Z.H. Brewster were  called next, Samuel Tompkins, John Ormsby Luman Carter  John Smith Samuel H. Smith & Thomas Fisher, Blessed  Sterry Fisk Amos R. Orton and Almon Sherman.
Brother Fisk whose family was afflicted was promised  a blessing if faithful.
Amos R. Orton was ordained an Elder and a missionary  to the Lamanites. Andrew H. Aldrich, Thomas Baily and  Seba Ives Blessed. Ebenezer Jennings, Oliver Granger, Orson  Johnson, Warren Smith, James Lake & Wm. Redfield, B.  Wm. Redfield was ordained an Elder.
Cyrus Lake, Harvey Smith, Isaac Cleaveland, Wm.  Baker Samuel S. Bran[n]an John Wheeler. Henry Baker  Wm. Fisk Henry Wilcox George W. Gee. Lorenzo Young &  David Clough— — Blessed. Elder Young was set apart a  missionary to the Lamanites. James Durfee Joseph  Coe, Thomas Gates Loren Babbit, Blake Baldwin and  Joseph B. Baldwin. Blessed.
Gad Yale, John Johnson & John Tanner called & Blessed.  Gad Yale being one who went for the relief of their [p. 196]
Minutes, Kirtland, OH, 7–8 March 1835; handwriting of Warren Cowdery; in Minute Book 1, pp. 192–197; CHL.