Minutes, 7–8 March 1835

afflicted brethren in Mo. and received a blessing accordingly.    
Henry G. Sherwood Sidney Tanner, Joseph H. Tippits [Tippets]. Robert  Quigley Erastus Babbit[t] and Samuel Canfield. Blessed
Phineas H. Young Samuel Rolfe <&. >Calvin H. Stoddard  Phineas H. Young was ordained a missionary to the Laman ites. Erastus Rudd, Josiah Fuller, Isaac H. Bishop  Roswell Murry, Benjamin Wells, Nehemiah Harmon  Thomas Hancock, Oliver Weatherby, Joshua Grant Junr.  Wm. Draper Jur Ransom Vanl[e]uwen & Tunis Rappalee [Rappleye]  Blessed. John Reed & Samuel Wilcox Blessed.
Moses Martin who went to Mo. was set apart to be one  of the 70. If thou art not purified thou wilt not be able  to execute thy commission. Thou wilt fall into snares  and into the hands of enemies who will take thy life  Thou must begin to make a complete reformation  in thy self.
The following are few names of such as belong to  the Seventy but the time of their ordination cann[o]t  be accurately ascertained.
Milo Andress [Andrus], Joseph Winchester, Zerubbabel  Snow. Heem [Heman] T. Hyde Henry Brown Nelson Higgins  Hezekiah Fisk, many blessings were pronounced  upon his head but he is not one of the 70  James L. Thompson had many blessings but was not  ordained. Henry Beaman ordained one of the 70  Jesse Huntsman Jesse Huntsman— —  Royal Barney, Zebedee Coltrin Henry Herriman  all to be attached to the Seventy.
Lorenzo Barn[e]s one of the Seventy— — [p. 197]
Minutes, Kirtland, OH, 7–8 March 1835; handwriting of Warren Cowdery; in Minute Book 1, pp. 192–197; CHL.