Minutes of a Court Martial, 12 March 1842

March 12th 1842.
Court Martial met pursuant to adjournment  at the residence of Genl Joseph Smith’s
On motion of Major [Hosea] Stout,
1st Resolved that the City of Nauvoo be &  is hereby divided into Four Company  militia destricts; and that the bounds of  each Ward of the City be the bounds of  the said company destricts; and that the  said Companies be numbered according  to the number of the Wards constituting  said Company destrict.
2nd Resolved that the Four Companies  that thus formed constitute the Fourth  Regiment, Second Cohort Nauvoo Legion,  and be officered accordingly.
<3rd> Resolved that Captains [William] Allred & [Theodore] Turley of  the present Company Militia destricts,  have the privilege of raising volunteers  from their present Companies sufficient  for two full Companies of volunteers; and  Captain Allred’s Company be a rifle &  Captain Turley’s Company a Light Infantry  Company: retaining their present place  and number in the line; together with  the commissioned officers in their  Companies: Provided That the said  officers have the privilege of retaining  the respective offices which they now  hold in the militia destricts in which  they live, after the aforesaid division of  at their own option.
<4th> Resolved that if the Captains wish to  remain in the militia with their [p. 10]
Minutes of a Court Martial, Nauvoo, IL, 12 Mar. 1842; in “Nauvoo Legion: Minutes and Ordinances of Organization,” pp. 10–16; handwriting of Hosea Stout; Nauvoo Legion Records, CHL.