Minutes of a Court Martial, 2 March 1841

Tuesday, March 2nd, AD. 1841.
Court Martial met pursuant to  adjournment; present—
Officers J. Smith, [John C.] Bennett, [Wilson] Law,   D. C. [Don Carlos] Smith, [Albert P.] Rockwood, [Hugh] McFall,  C[harles] C. Rich, Solon Foster, [Alexander] McRae, [Titus] Billings,  [Stephen] Markham, [Hosea] Stout, [John] Scott, [John] Parker,  [Harvey] Redfield, [Amos] Davis, T[homas] Rich, [Benjamin] Wilber,  [Stephen] Winchester, [John] Annis, Badlam [Alexander Badlam Sr.], [John] Barnett,  [Nelson] Higgins, Tippets, Lemmon, F[rancis] M.  Higbee, C[hauncey] L. Higbee, & [Darwin] Chase. A[lpheus]  Cutler, [Thomas] Grover, Elias Higbee, R[obert] D.  Foster, & D[aniel] H. Wells, appeared and  took their seats. Companies were  restricted to 46 until further  ordered: and the Band increased  to 30. Ordered that no one be  permitted to leave the company  to which he is attached without  notifying his Captain and  receiving his permission. [p. 4]
Minutes of a Court Martial, Nauvoo, IL, 2 Mar. 1841; in “Record of the Nauvoo Legion,” pp. 4–5; handwriting of John C. Bennett; Nauvoo Legion Records, CHL.