Minutes of a Court Martial, 20 February 1841

and the 3rd of July, were fixed upon  as days of general parade for this  year — 1841,— commandants of companies  to fix on the days of company parade.  The court adopted Macomb’s tactics by  Cooper. Gen. Bennett was appointed by  Lt. Gen. Smith to designate the  uniforms.
Adjourned to the 2nd of March,  at the same place.
Joseph Smith, President.
[written sideways on left side of second page] March 2nd 1841 [p. 4]
Minutes of a Court Martial, Nauvoo, IL, 20 Feb. 1841; in “Record of the Nauvoo Legion,” pp. 2–4; handwriting of John C. Bennett; Nauvoo Legion Records, CHL.