Minutes of a Court Martial, 20 February 1841

& D. C. [Don Carlos] Smith; Colonels [Albert P.] Rockwood and [Hugh] Mc Fall; Brevet Colonel [Charles C.] Rich; Captains [Titus] Bil lings; Lieutenants F[rancis] M. Higbee, [Benjamin] Wilber,  [Amos] Davis, [John] Parker, [John] Barnett, [Harvey] Redfield, [Hosea] Stout,  [Nelson] Higgins, [Stephen] Winchester, C[hauncey] L. Higbee, [John] Annis,  and Badlam [Alexander Badlam Sr.]. officers William Law,  [Robert B.] Thompson, [C. M.] Kreymeyer, [John] Snider, [Reynolds] Cahoon,  [Henry G.] Sherwood, S[amuel] H. Smith, and [Vinson] Knight,  [George W.] Robinson, Fulmer [John Fullmer], [John F.] Weld, [George] Wirick, Duzett [Edward Duzette],  [Levi] Hancock, and [Dimick] Huntington appeared and  took their seats. Brig. Gen. Smith appoin ted A[lexander] McRae his Aid-de-Camp. John  Scott appeared and took his seat. Gen. Bennett  was ordered to procure a seat. Capt  Duzett was ordered to enlist and or ganize a band of musick, not exceeding  twenty men. Ordered, that no person,  whatever, residing within the limits of  the City of Nauvoo, between the ages of  18 & 45 years, excepting such as are  exempted by the Laws of the United  States, shall be exempt from military  duty, unless exempted by a special  act of this court. Fines were fixed  at the following rates; to wit: for neglec ting or refusing to appear on the days  of general parade, for Generals 25  dollars; Colonels, 20 dollars; Captains, 15  dollars; Lieutenants, 10 dollars; and  musicians and privates, 5 dollars: and on  the days of company parade, for commissi oned officers, 5 dollars; non-commissioned  officers, 3 dollars; musicians and privates,  2 dollars. The 1st & 6th of April, [p. 3]
Minutes of a Court Martial, Nauvoo, IL, 20 Feb. 1841; in “Record of the Nauvoo Legion,” pp. 2–4; handwriting of John C. Bennett; Nauvoo Legion Records, CHL.