Minutes of a Court Martial, 30 November 1841

City of Nauvoo, Ill., Nov. 30, 1841.
To Brev. Maj. Gen. Wilson Law:—
We, the undersigned, mem bers of the General Court Martial, detail ed by you on the order of Lt. Gen.  Smith, through Maj. Gen. [John C.] Bennett, for  the trial of David Smith and Joseph Hol brook, officers of the Nauvoo Legion,  charged with theft, and being accessory  thereto, are of the opinion that they are  guilty of the charges preferred against  them, and our unanimous decision is that  they be cashiered, and their names strick en from the rank roll.
Witness against David Smith— Hazen  Kimball.
HYRUM SMITH, Brev. Maj. Gen.,
President of the Court.
WM. LAW, Brev. Maj. Gen.,
C[harles] C. RICH, Brig. Gen. 2d Cohort.,
S[amuel] BENT, Col. 3d Reg. 2d Cohort.,
T[itus] BILLINGS, Col. 1st Reg. 2d Ct.,
J[ohn] T. BARNETT, Capt. 3d Com. 1st  Reg. 2d Cohort,
Members of the Court.
I approve of the above decis ion, and submit it to you for your action  on the case.
WILSON LAW, Brev. Maj. Gen.
To Lt. Gen. Smith:—
The General  Court Martial detailed for the trial of Da vid Smith, and Joseph Holbrook, officers  of the Nauvoo Legion, have made the  above report to me, and asked my con currence in the same, which, under the  circumstances cannot be withheld; it is,  therefore, submitted to you for your fi nal approval or disapproval.
JOSEPH SMITH, Lt. Gen. [p. 618]
Minutes of a Court Martial, Nauvoo, IL, 30 Nov. 1841; in Times and Seasons, 1 Dec. 1841, 3:618.