Minutes of a Court Martial, 4 February 1841

[Written sideways in margin.] 1841 Feby 4th
Court Martial
Record  of the  “Nauvoo Legion.”
Pursuant to an ordinance of the City  Council of the City of Nauvoo, entitled  “An Ordinance organizing the Nauvoo Legion,”  passed, Feb. 3rd, AD. 1841, the Court Martial  of Said Legion assembled at the office  of Joseph Smith, on Thursday the 4th  day of February, AD. 1841; present—
The Court was called to order by Gen.  Bennett. Capt. Billings, & Lieut. Winchester,  were elected Judges, and Lieut. Stout,  Clerk, of the election, when the court  proceeded to elect the General officers  of the legion; whereupon— Joseph Smith  was duly elected Lieutenant General;  John C. Bennett, Major General; Wilson  Law, Brigadier General of the 1st Cohort;  and Don C. Smith, Brigadier General of  the 2nd Cohort. Generals J. Smith, Law, &  D. C. Smith, were sworn by General Bennett,  and Gen. Bennett by Capt. Rockwood.  Lt. Gen. Smith proceeded to the appoint ment of the following staff; to wit: [p. 1]
Minutes of a Court Martial, Nauvoo, IL, 4 Feb. 1841; in “Record of the Nauvoo Legion,” pp. 2–4; handwriting of John C. Bennett; Nauvoo Legion Records, CHL.